Gleim CIA Review 2023 Edition - Part 2
Gleim CIA Review 2023 Edition - Part 2
Gleim CIA Review 2023 Edition - Part 2: Practice of Internal Auditing.

This edition is updated for 2023 exam. Combining the comprehensive outlines in the Gleim Review books and our unparalleled question bank found in Gleim Test Prep gives you the ability to pass the CIA exam with this top user-rated review.

Product Features:

Over 700 Multiple-Choice Questions in Part 2 alone!, Unlimited Practice Exams, Includes IIA-released questions from prior years' CIA exams, Thorough answer explanations for correct AND incorrect choices to cement understanding, Study Session option for immediate feedback, Formatting and functionality emulate the actual exam.

Comprehensive textbook outlines, Real-world examples, Gleim Success Tips, Excerpts from relevant Standards and Practice Advisories, Covers all topics from The IIA Exam Syllabus, Explains basic internal audit concepts, Test-taking and time-management tips from Dr. Gleim

18 months of unlimited access (use on as many computers/mobile devices as you want), Accessible inquiry links for expert assistance, Performance Analysis tracks progress and maintains a performance history, Uses Cloud technology to sync performance data to any device, No installation! Available online 24/7, Free instant, automatic updates, Compatible on all operating systems and mobile devices or tablets with an Internet connection.

Use Gleim Review books and Test Prep Online to ensure that you are prepared to succeed on the CIA exam.

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